Flat Facing, Refacing, Taper Boring, Straight Boring, Converting Blinds to Reducing Thread, Reducing Socket Weld, Reducing Slip On, Lap Joint Flanges up to 36" O.D.

Pipe Cutting, Bevels, and Threads

Scraper Bars, Flanged Tees. 90's, 45's, Pipe, Concs

We do not mix different orders of the same parts because of possible heat number issues.

All parts are counted and checked upon arrival.

Material and quantity and sizes will be reviewed agains the recieving list noting any deviations.

On parts with low tolerance one piece for every five will have every demension checked.

All measurement tools whether company owned or machinist owned wil be inspected in six (6) month intervals.

Purchase order will be generated for required material noting the dimension and specifications from a client preffered vendor.

All material is to be kept in a secure area only accessible by personnel.

Material will be seperated in to pallets for grouping according to description and grades.

Email: rtrevino01@yahoo.com

Email: rts_machineworks@yahoo.com